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I have always been one to try new things. Especially new things that are said to be good for the body and soul. I once went vegan for about 8 months because I couldn’t bare to think about all the animals that are harmed daily for our consumption. I have since pulled back the reigns on that and converted to pescatarian for the past six years. (As I realized I don’t have the discipline to be vegan forever and I craved some stinky cheese) I believe in finding a balance for what my body craves and what makes my soul feel good. So yesterday I tried my first time at acupuncture and I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed the experience. How have I not tried this before?

I went into the appointment with a tad of hesitation, but was open to the process. My mom whole heartedly encouraged me to go forward with acupuncture as she has done it in the past and spoke wonders about it. On the other hand, my girlfriend had mixed feeling about the process as she went in for anxiety and quite hysterically told me that having a face full of needles did not help her relax or be less anxious. It did quite the opposite and made her feel more anxious. So, I went into the appointment with an open mind and the understanding that this could either be exactly what I was looking for or it would be a terrible nightmare and I would leap up from the table anxious with a body full of pins. Either way it was something I had to try.

Luckily for me I loved the entire process. I spent the past few weeks searching for different acupuncture venues in my town of Portland. I felt like if I was going to commit I needed to find a place that was right for me, now just the cheapest option as my hubby suggested. Searching for the best of anything can be daunting and I am thankful occasionally for review sites such as yelp. However,  I do take the reviews with a grain of salt as I understand that angry customers are the most vocal, but that’s beside the point. I ended up finding one that happened to be an all female staff and had worked a lot with infertility and IVF patients. Bingo – that is where I will go! I feel like so many of my appointments in the past have been centered around male doctors and its nice to have a female pop into the equation. Because, lets face it, they understand our roller coaster of emotions and how it feels to have our body let us down from time to time.

My acupuncturist spent so much time with me and got to really know my story and my body. It’s so nice every once in a while to not have to hide behind a smile and to lay out everything on the table. I was able to see words floating out of my mouth that I haven’t spoken in a while. And more importantly, she listened to those words and understood what I was saying. We talked about how my body works for me a daily basis, what I consume and how it makes me feel (which is an entirely different post about my body and the many issues with digestion, etc), how I feel emotionally, and what I want out of this process. I felt relaxed just from talking, but was still slightly on edge about the needles. The needles that were about to be prodded into my flesh.

The whole experience went so smoothly and I couldn’t even feel the needles. I felt a calm and relaxation that I have been searching for. I even started to fall asleep and awoke slightly slobbering all over myself. In my books slobbering all over ones face is a pretty good indicator of relaxation.

I feel that this process will work for me and help me on the journey ahead. I felt that for once someone understood what I was looking for and wanted to be my partner in helping me heal my body and soul while I start the IVF process. Together we created a game plan for the upcoming weeks and months. For once I am excited about what lies ahead and I look forward to the journey; even though it may be very rocky.


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