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In my everyday life I am very indecisive and impulsive.

In my life that revolves around trying to conceive I am not as impulsive or indecisive. I have to think out and research every option until there are piles of paper thrown all over my house. At times I feel like a hoarder of information because I can’t get enough. Can one ever have enough information when it comes to my body and my future. I don’t think so. I could research and analyze everything.


I now find myself making another decision. A decision to join a trial study at my fertility clinic about Frozen embryo transfers or fresh with IVF with CCS (PGS other places). Normally  IVF with CCS they do a FET, but this study will also conduct fresh embryo transfers.

The trial is completely randomized and we could either get selected for the fresh or frozen transfer. We wouldn’t know which category we would fall into until the day of the trigger shot.

There are pros and cons to this decision and I just have to sit down and write them out.

So the rest of the day will be spent writing out lists and researching more data. Oh joy!



2 thoughts on “Decisions…Decisions

  1. We had a similar decision to make. Though, we were given the option to participate in a vitrification study of donor eggs. The appeal was that it was only $10K rather than $18K. Basically, instead of being fertilized fresh, the donor eggs would be frozen first, then thawed to determine the effectiveness of the technique…ie Did freezing and thawing the eggs produce a significantly lower “survival” rate of the eggs. Actually, my doctor told me that the study has already concluded that the the survival rate of the eggs was not significantly effected by the freezing and thawing but the trial was still ongoing. We ended up participating in the trial and had 100% survival of the donor’s eggs after thawing…a whopping 10 eggs! (My 9 month old daughter is napping as I write this!) I know this is different from your situation, because you’re considering using frozen embryos. For what it’s worth, I have a very close friend who has a happy healthy 4 year old daughter conceived from a frozen donor embryo. I just wanted to give some feedback about the freezing techniques…they’ve gotten really good at it! 🙂


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