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It Starts With The Egg


Happy Sunday.

Today is another rainy lazy day to wrap up the weekend and I love it. It gives me time to read and relax. I love to read a good book. In most cases I read fiction, but occasionally I will plop down to read something that is informative.

I wish I had read this book earlier. I am not one to look back and regret decisions I’ve made. But, I do regret that I did not read this at an earlier date…like after my second or third miscarriage. I can’t help but think if I would have been more informed about egg quality or more informed about chemicals that are harmful to the development of egg quality then I could have done things differently. I know I know…I can’t look back and think what if, so I’m looking forward.

This morning I woke up with a vengeance to change everything in my house. My hubby thinks I’ve turned into a mad woman. But, everything must go. Ok, not everything, but some stuff.

Plastic must go. Non-organic body lotions must go. I have even given my trust old coffee maker the boot for my smaller more handy french press. (My coffee maker was getting old anyway)


I feel that by making little changes I can feel more in control of my IVF outcome. For the past two years it seems that so much is out of my control, but not this. I can limit my exposure to harmful chemicals.

Some Helpful Information

What is BPA

What are Phthalates

Book Review 

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6 thoughts on “It Starts With The Egg

  1. I read this book after my 2nd failed IVF cycle, in December, and started taking the recommended stuff for non-pcos (minus dhea because it’s not available in Canada). I’m doing my 3rd IVF cycle now, 3 months after starting the supplements. I’ll definitely be reporting my progress & I’m anxious to see if it makes any kind of a difference for me this time around. Good luck to you for your next go! Xx


  2. That is how I felt after I started using Young Living essential oils and finding out how many chemicals and toxins are in everything we use! I haven’t changed everything out but I’m slowly replacing my personal care products with Young Living products and I already switched out my cleaning products quite awhile ago.


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