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The Procedure

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Now that my procedure is behind me I can sit back and reflect more on how I felt before and after. I went into the procedure thinking that is was much simpler than it was. While it was an easy hour procedure compared to most, it was still more than I had expected.

I think my confusion was directly linked to the fact that I was mainly researching hysteroscopy and not polypectomy. While still invasive, a hysteroscopy doesn’t require the follow-up or after care that is required after a polypectomy. Going into the procedure I believed that there could be a mistake and that I didn’t have any polyps. I didn’t want my IVF to be postponed for another month and so I was optimistic that I would just end up getting a hysteroscopy. I mean, my fertility doctor put a question mark next to the word polyp. He was also not 100% sure, so I still had hope. How wrong I was.

For my procedure, I was under the impression that I may just require partial anesthesia and not be required to be put out fully. I was wrong. I was put under general anesthesia. I have never been put under anesthesia before and that in its self can be overwhelming.

Before the procedure: My mom was the one to take me to the hospital as my hubby was home recovering from the flu. I had banned him from getting near me the night before as I did not want to get sick and have anything more postponed. At the hospital I was ushered into the outpatient surgery area and got set up for the procedure. My procedure was scheduled for 7:30 am and they had me arrive at 5:30 am, such an early morning. All I could think about was the latte that I desperately needed, but couldn’t have.

I was poked and prodded as they set me up with IV’s and even forced to wear a hair net. Yikes – not flattering. The IV was uncomfortable going into my vein. It stung a little and was more of an annoyance than painful. I also learned something new about myself, I have small veins. At this point I became aware that I was going to be given general anesthesia and have a nice long nap. This made me uneasy as I have never been put under general anesthesia before. I know people get put under all the time, but it still filled me with some anxiety. I was then given some happy juice into my IV and wheeled away to the procedure room. The last thing I remember was looking above me to the bright lights and thinking…..this is just like Greys Anatomy.

My hubby couldn't stay away. xoxo
My hubby couldn’t stay away. xoxo

After the procedure: Waking up from general anesthesia is bizarre. That’s the only word I can think of to describe it. It took me a few minutes to grasp where I was. I felt super groggy and didn’t want to keep my eyes open for long. It felt like taking a Tylenol PM and trying to battle the sleepy haze that overcomes you. The first thing I remember saying is..May I have a latte? Apparently, I was still craving that latte from earlier. I did have some heavy cramping and was luckily given some meds to make that go away. Thank you meds! I also noticed right away that I had severely bitten my tongue. OUCH. That hurts.

Once I was more awake they wheeled me to the recovery area where my hubby and mom were waiting. My hubby couldn’t stay away. Luckily he felt better, so he wasn’t contaminating anyone in the hospital. Once I was able to use the restroom and felt able to move I was allowed to go home. But, not before I got that latte. Decaf, of course.

I spent the next two days on my couch sleeping and catching up on reality tv. I took it easy as much as possible, because I could still feel some effects from the anesthesia. It took me a couple of days to feel fully recovered and back to my self. I am glad that the procedure is over and I can move onto IVF. I just got my calendar and once I review it I will share when I can start.

I am so ready to begin!


4 thoughts on “The Procedure

  1. You’re so brave!! It’s a bit mean that they didn’t tell you about the anesthesia 😦 but I guess this meant that you didn’t have time to worry about it!! Congratulations on moving on to your next big step 😃


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