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Injections Class


Last night the hubby and I attended a class to learn more about all the medications that go into STIMS and how to properly do the injections. The sweat started pouring out from just looking at the needles. Have I mentioned I hate needles? I hate everything about them. Getting shots/injections reminds me of the time I was about 7 and the doctor’s office was trying to take a blood sample from my finger and I wouldn’t let them. I kept pulling my finger back just as they were about to insert the needle, but nope, I was not about to let them touch me with that thing. After about 20 minutes of this game they decided that they were going to get a blood sample one way or another. In the end they put me in a seat and held me down firmly as I was kicking and screaming…..eventually they got their blood sample…. and I left a hysterical mess.

When I remind my mother of that story she cringes as she can’t believe she let them do that to me….and now I cringe even more, because it has made me terrified of needles.

Thanks to class I do feel more confident about the medications and that my hubby will be gentle when doing the injections. I am ready to start my first and hopefully only round of IVF. I still can’t believe this is what I have to do….but I’m ready to do it.

My STIMS will be:

Menopur 1 vial
Follistim 150

and then I will add…


Eight days and counting…..I am so ready….I am so eager….I am also so excited….

I am excited for the possibility of starting my family. I am excited that this may work. I am going to go through this journey of IVF with an open and positive mind. While, I detest needles and still get a little light-headed just thinking about them…I am going to remind myself that they are they are getting me to where I want to be.


12 thoughts on “Injections Class

  1. Good Luck! I take my trigger tonight! I don’t really mind needles, but I had my hubby inject me. What we did was have me lay down each time and I would look away while he did the injection. It’s worked every time. Fingers crossed the next 8 days go quickly for you!!


  2. I hate that a doctor did that to you as a child! Of course you would be scarred from it! I love your attitude that the needles are a necessary evil, and I hope you’ll learn to handle them a bit better the further into this you get.


  3. I hate needles too but unfortunately we can’t avoid this part 😦 My husband injected me and I closed my eyes or looked away. Honestly, once you get the first one down it will become much more tolerable. It doesn’t hurt but I found that it stung a bit afterwards. Ice cubes on the injection site helped tons! Good luck – you can do this!! Xo

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