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Encouraging Growth…for the embryos!

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I’ve been sitting at this computer all morning trying to figure out what words to use. How to sound optimistic and cheerful, but I keep coming up empty.

I didn’t get horrible news, but I haven’t received really good news either.

One embryo was good enough to send off to get biopsied today for PGS. They are giving the other four another day to grow and hopefully they can be biopsied tomorrow, but the embryologist wasn’t optimistic it would happen. The other four seem to be slow growers who are in no hurry to join the world…..grow embies grow!!

We are still scheduled for our transfer tomorrow if the single embryo comes back within the normal results……the results are rushed as a part of the study we are on. There is still a chance that tomorrow could be the day we have worked so hard for. We won’t know the PGS results until we show up in the morning, so there is a chance it can go either way. It’s so hard to mentally prepare myself for a transfer when there is still a possibility it may not happen.

I find myself torn yet again on how I should be feeling. I am ever so grateful that even one embryo can be biopsied, but I am also feeling so distraught that other four have some more growth to overcome. If I am being honest with you and with myself, then I am truly heartbroken that the numbers have not been in my favor. I was truly hoping that more could be biopsied today so that tomorrow we could have a real chance of doing the transfer.  With only one embryo being biopsied the stats of it being normal are not great.

But….here’s to hope!

Thanks for all your support and encouragement.


22 thoughts on “Encouraging Growth…for the embryos!

  1. I totally know how you feel. The numbers haven’t been in my favor either with my IVF cycle! I have two slow growers out of six that I hope will catch up! Praying your embies continue to grow! Good luck xox


  2. We are doing PGS too but slightly different I think. Ours we grow for 5 days then biopsy, then freeze them for 7-10 days until we get results, then thaw, then transfer. Can I ask what your PGS process is? Seems interesting! Sending you loads and loads of growing baby dust!!! Stay positive!!


    1. We are part of a study at our clinic that is comparing fresh vs frozen with PGS. For our study the embies have to be developed on day 5 to biopsy, then the results are done overnight, and then transferred the next morning. If our 1 embie doesn’t come back normal then we get a frozen transfer in 6-8 weeks. Best of luck to you!!

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  3. I have to believe that if one of your envies made it to the PGS stage, then that is the one that beat the odds. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the results are great and you’ll do a transfer tomorrow. I was reading the other responses about your study, and it sounds pretty great. Sending lots of love!


  4. We’ve always had slow growers. Out of 3 cycles so far, we’ve always had slow growers, but if given 6-7 days, they generally do get there, not that we haven’t had some that arrested. I managed to talk Dr. M. into letting them go to 7 days instead of 6. He commented that there are more genetically abnormal embryos amongst those that took 6 days to reach expanded blastocyst when compared to the 5 dayers. However, in our first cycle, of the 9 that were sent out for PGS, only 2 came back normal and those two were 6 dayers.

    So, take heart. there’s not necessarily something wrong with taking their time. And, yes, the need to be flexible with the overall plan is infuriating and frustrating. Hang in there.


  5. good luck to your little embryo. hopefully you’ll be transferring tomorrow morning. that is so exciting! I’ll be thinking of you and wish you good luck with your training embryos 🙂


  6. My 3 cycles were shit, but at least I finally had one superstar in my 3rd! It really does just take one, because out of 49 eggs retrieved, I only got one good looking day 5 blast. Pretty shit odds, but it was a good one! Never had anything to freeze. I’m sending you all my encouragement possible! Xx


  7. Fingers crossed for that one bad-ass blast! I am not an embryologist, but I would be shocked if at least one (and maybe more) of your “slow” guys didn’t make it to test.


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