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Unexplained Infertility


When I first reached out to my fertility specialist I thought he would have all the answers. I would get the diagnosis and we would go about fixing it, but it wasn’t that easy. With each test came normal results. Yes, I had hypothyroidism, but with medication that was under control and my doctor didn’t even entertain the idea that it could be the culprit for my miscarriages. Every blood draw came back within the normal parameters. My AMH came back normal, all blood clotting disorders came back normal, and every test under the sun came back normal. Technically there wasn’t anything wrong with me, except the fact that my body couldn’t seem to hold a pregnancy. At times I just wished something small would come back abnormal so we could pin point the problem and fix it, but that wasn’t the case.

After a few months of tears, ultrasounds, and countless blood draws the diagnosis finally appeared, Unexplained Infertility.

What in the what…unexplained infertility? I didn’t even know that was a thing. How can there not be a real diagnosis when I have had repeated pregnancy loss. In my mind no real defined problem meant no real solution. It was beyond frustrating and it still is beyond frustrating. It felt like a guessing game. We think this could be the problem and therefore we think you should go this route. I never felt like there was a definite solution to my problem, but there were paths that could hopefully get me to sustain a pregnancy.

My final diagnosis, or what they think is the issue, is a chromosomal one. I could eventually possibly have a normal chromosome embryo on my own or I could go on to miscarry four more times. I didn’t like those odds and so IVF with chromosome testing was my solution.

It turns out that over 50% of couples struggling with infertility and under the age of 35 fall into the unexplained infertility category. There isn’t a defined problem other than the fact that they either can’t get pregnant or they can’t sustain a pregnancy, like me. The duration of couples struggling with infertility also plays a role as the longer a couple struggles with infertility the less likely they are to get pregnant on their own. Once a couple with unexplained infertility gets to the 5 year mark they have less than a 10% chance of conceiving on their own.

There are so many things that have to go right in order to have a successful pregnancy. It’s a miracle that 80% of women have no issues getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy. Every little step must go off without a hitch. I found a simplified explanation on the website Advanced Fertility.com of all the steps that must go in precise order and must go without incident to create a healthy baby. It’s crazy when you look at it and see everything that must go so right.

Tomorrow is the day that I will know if my little embie is getting comfortable within my uterus. I will know if IVF was the right solution for me and my body and if I was able to defeat unexplained infertility.


4 thoughts on “Unexplained Infertility

  1. Every pregnancy is a real miracle after learning all the steps that have to happen, in order! They never really teach you this at school. Unexplained infertility makes me think a lot about this and how amazing conception truly is. Here’s hoping there is some of that amazingness happening in you right now!!!


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