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The Pitfalls of Progesterone

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Progesterone is a funny little thing. It plays with your head in ways that are no good for a pregnant lady trying to decipher every little twinge and mood swing. Progesterone gives the false feelings of pregnancy symptoms such as sore boobs and crazy off the chart emotions. I could already feel these little symptoms before the embryo transfer because of the progesterone; so I have no way to really know what are my real pregnancy symptoms and what’s just from the progesterone.

Now that I am waiting for my first ultrasound I find myself trying to find symptoms that aren’t there. I keep knocking myself in the boobs to see if they feel more sore than before. Some morning I will actually run up and down my stairs a few times and try to decide if my boobs feel worse than the day before. I’ve officially become nuts. I also question all my erratic mood swings. It is just me flipping out because the dishes aren’t done properly or is it just the progesterone? My hubby is the one on the receiving end of the progesterone induced emotional outbursts, so I’m pretty sure he is looking forward to the future to when I can finally get off this stuff.

The way that progesterone is delivered to my body is not pleasant.  It’s a messy delivery system via suppository three times a day. I guess it’s the better alternative as I have read that the progesterone shots are quite painful. So I’ll just stick with the goopy white mess.


9 thoughts on “The Pitfalls of Progesterone

  1. Our husbands are in the same boat it sounds like! I was like a dang angel during the stim phase and now that I’m taking the progesterone oil shots (ouch) only four days in (transfer maybe tomorrow) I feel hormonal and yelled at hubby for the first time last night. He was a little shocked but I reminded him to prepare for my insanity. I hope time flies and you get to your ultrasound and get to relax after seeing everything is as it should be! ❤


  2. Hated those suppositories! In fact, this time around I asked for more shots and fewer suppositories because I hated them so much. Every time I felt leaking I worried it was blood :(. Hope you have a great u/s and get off them soon!


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