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The Infertility Limbo

For the past month I have felt that I am in the limbo phase of infertility. I am just sitting around waiting for something to happen. At this point in time I am not actively going to my fertility clinic or getting more blood draws; instead I am just sitting around waiting for things to happen.

And, things are moving slowly.

So, I am stuck in the middle of the Infertility Limbo.  This nasty little time in my life where I am just waiting for everything to align so I can get back on track with my journey of trying to conceive.

If you have ever been in the limbo phase of infertility then you know how frustrating it can be.

 It’s challenging for me because I don’t really know what is next. I can’t plan anything until things start slowly falling into place. At the moment I don’t really know where I belong in the world of infertility or in my ordinary every day world. In the world of TTC I am at a stand still and desperately want things to start moving forward. In my everyday world I am struggling. I don’t have a career to focus on at the moment and to dedicate my days to. I stopped working last fall when I realized that my infertility issues were consuming my life and all of my energy.So, I find myself trying to keep myself occupied and trying to to remain positive and hopeful.

At this moment in time I am waiting for my next cycle to start up after my latest miscarriage. It has only been 6 weeks, but as most of you know that can feel like a lifetime.  It feels so backwards to sit around and wait for aunt flow to show up when for so many months I was praying she wouldn’t show. But, now I need her to rear her ugly head to so I can feel that I am getting closer to my next FET. She is a visitor that I don’t like to see often, but now I desperately need her to show up. Once she makes an appearance I will be able to take a sigh of relief and will feel that things are rolling into place.

I am also waiting to have my phone consolation with CCRM to get a second opinion on my unexplained infertility and what the heck is going wrong with all of my pregnancies. I know that there won’t be a magic answer to all of my problems, but for a piece of mind I need someone else to look over my charts. I need to feel that I am being taken care of and that nothing is falling wayside.

Once aunt flow shows up and I have my phone consultation with CCRM I will be able to feel that I am back in the game of infertility. I am so ready for this infertility limbo phase to be done with.




20 thoughts on “The Infertility Limbo

  1. That love/hate relationship with your period is the worst – one month you desperately want it to come and the next you’re praying it stays away. None of it is much fun. Here’s to hoping it comes soon, that your call with CCRM goes well (I love them!) and you’re soon on a new and exciting path moving forward.

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  2. Yes! The limbo is the woooorst! Absolute worst. That’s great that you’re talking to ccrm. I talked to them also and thought they were awesome. Second opinions are invaluable! Have you considered talking to doctor braverman as well? His initial phone consult is free. Because of the fact that you have hashimotos and your last embryo was genetically normal, it makes me wonder if there might be more immune issues at play. Braverman does super extensive immune testing that most clinics don’t do. After seeing him my infertility went from unexplained to finally having an explanation. Just something to think about!

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  3. I hated when I was in Infertility Limbo. It occured for me from December through April. This was when my husband had his varicocele surgery and we were BDing but had no idea if the surgery worked or not. I would have to say that my emotions were at their worst during this time. I would cry at the drop of the hat. I wasn’t happy. It was finally getting a plan in place that brought me out of my funk.

    I hope AF shows up for you soon so you can move along and feel like you are moving forward. It is so hard.


  4. Yup. I’m there too. I have a feeling my period is coming soon. I feel like I haven’t had one for months (which is true!). I’m also waiting for news on next steps for my fibroid operation which needs sorting before our next round of IVF. It’s really frustrating. I feel your pain!

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