The Second Opinion


Wow, my blogging skills are seriously lacking lately. Clearly I need to sit down and catch up with everyone and let you all in on what’s been happening lately.

My much awaited phone consultation with CCRM happened last week and it went much better than I had anticipated. For some reason I gave myself such anxiety over the phone call that I was practically having a nervous breakdown before the phone call even happened. I’m pretty sure that I had imagined the phone call going something like this:

Me: “Please help me find an answer to my infertility.”

Doctor K: “Welp, you’re pretty much screwed and can’t have kids so go get some cats.”


Thank god it didn’t go anything like what was playing over and over in my crazy infertile brain.

While the phone consult was much better than anticipated, the beginning of the phone call didn’t go off as effortlessly. Before the phone call I made my hubby write down a list of questions to ask Dr. K, because I was so sure that my anxiety wouldn’t let me even talk during the consolation. But, my poor hubby didn’t get to be a part of the phone call after writing down pages of questions. And, it’s my fault……I tried to merge the calls, but apparently I am not as phone savvy as I had previously thought. The first time I tried to merge the calls my hubby didn’t answer and I couldn’t figure out how to get back to the phone call with Dr. K so I ended up hanging up on her. Then, I tried again and my phone froze and I hung up on both Dr. K and my hubby. So, I quite trying to merge the calls. And, my poor hubby kept trying to call me back to be a part of the call, but I had a fear of trying to merge the calls by that point that he missed the entire call. It’s still a sore subject with him. Ooops, my bad.

But, while my hubby was stressing out that he was missing the entire consolation, I was having a great conversation with Dr. K from CCRM.

I finally feel optimistic again about my fertility and that there is still a possibility for me to have a successful pregnancy. For the past few months I was feeling so devastated, as my Doctor at ORM wasn’t giving me the encouragement I needed and I was feeling that my options were dwindling. However, Dr. K at CCRM let me know that she feels everything could just be bad luck and that we should keep trying before switching to the ideas of surrogacy or adoption.

So, it looks like my hubby and I will be flying to Colorado in a couple of weeks to meet with DR. K and do a full day work up. Dr. K let me know that by just looking at my charts she doesn’t think I have any implantation issues, that there isn’t a need for me to use blood thinners during my next transfer, she doesn’t believe my egg quality is an issue, and she believes that if another round of IVF is in my future I need a completely different protocol.

Below are the things that we talked about on the phone and will look into once we are in Colorado.

My Uterus:

So it turns out that I have an arcurate uterus (which I don’t remember anyone really explain to me). I have a slight septum, which may need to be shaved down a little bit. Dr. K wants to do a three-dimensional ultra sound to look at the exact size of the septum to determine if that is necessary. I’m still not fully sure what this all means in relation to my miscarriages, but I look forward to finding out more during my appointment.


Dr. K wants to do another hysteroscopy to make sure that after my last miscarriage there isn’t any residual tissue that would affect the next transfer and implantation.


I haven’t had a HSG performed yet and Dr.K was a little shocked that I haven’t had this done. Dr.K wants to make sure that there aren’t any blockages in my fallopian tubes, because if there are it can create toxins that are harmful to fetuses. Anyone heard of this before?

And so, I am ready for my trip to Colorado to hurry up and get here. I am ready to pack my bags and move onto this next part of my infertility journey.


11 thoughts on “The Second Opinion

  1. So exciting. It’s nice to hear new ideas and solutions, I’m glad you’re protocol will be different, that alone feels like progress.

    I have a biucornate uterus and had my septum removed December 2012. The only time I was in pain was when I got behind on meds and then it was just 5-6 hours of catching up, so overall a really manageable surgery experience. The laminara did not hurt but the ballon they put in after is a pain in the uterus 😩. By the last day most people are tired of feeling it all the time.


  2. This sounds like a very good call indeed! Its great to hear that you are taking positive steps forward. An HSG sounds like it is very much worth doing, I had read about the bad toxins a blocked tube can cause…Everything sounds like a good plan, I hope time flies for your trip to CO to get things moving for you 🙂


  3. So exciting that you had a good call with CCRM and are coming to Colorado! Welcome 🙂

    Both of my tubes have a ton of scar tissue and are therefore blocked (hence, IVF). I had to have them cauterized for that exact reason – because there was enough of an opening for toxins to flow in and out and hurt the fetus.


  4. Good to hear it was a more positive telephone call. I am currently banking cycles for PGS testing due to recurrent loss. Which gene mutation do you have? Thinking of you!


    1. Hello, hope your cycles go smooth and that you get some good embies. The only gene mutation I have is a slight mutation on the MTHFR gene, but it’s not a major one. I don’t even know what the mutation is, but every doctor has said its not the cause. They had me do the testing because of my RPL. Xo


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