I Still Get Jealous

Yes, I stole those lyrics from Nick Jonas, but today they ring so true to how I am feeling.

FullSizeRender (51)

I am feeling jealous of everyone and everything around me.

This weekend my girlfriend gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl. I am so happy that she has a precious baby girl and didn’t have to struggle trying to get pregnant, but I am so jealous as the ease of which they got pregnant. I am jealous that this morning she woke up and is a mom; and I still am not. I am thrilled for her, but still the feelings of jealousy hurt a little.

I’m starting to get very jealous of every pregnancy announcement that I see on facebook. Why is it that everyone around me is able to get pregnant by just looking at their husband and I’m over here shoving needles into my body and nothing.

Then, this morning I logged into my favorite You Tube channel, Does This Baby Make Me Look Fat, for a good laugh only to find out that she is pregnant, too. I have always looked forward to her witty ways and her ability to make fun of all the crap that we have to go through when dealing with infertility, but now she is knocked up as well.

Baby Fat

Once again…Jealous.

Ok, jealousy rant over.


12 thoughts on “I Still Get Jealous

  1. I feel you! I was doing so well until things got under way again for our next FET and now it seems that the jealousy feelings, along with others are creeping back in. Rant justified!

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  2. Ugh me too… Every time another announcement comes out I lose it. You are not alone with this one at all. I hate that I feel this way too! You want to be over the moon for everyone, but it’s tough.


    1. There are so many announcements this time of year…it’s crazy. I’ve never thought about how I would feel after I finally get pregnant, but I can still see where the jealousy would linger with those who can get pregnant with such ease. Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy. xo


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