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The FET Is a Go

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Yesterday I had an appointment with my RE to check out my lining and make sure that my uterus is looking nice and comfy for my embryos to get all cozy in next week. I was quite pessimistic walking into the appointment as things in the past haven’t always gone my way. I was expecting the doctor to see polyps or say my lining was thin and cancel the FET, but nope. He said that everything is looking just as it should. That my lining looks great and those little embies should be nice and comfy in there.


The FET is a go and is scheduled for next Wednesday.


Of course I made my hubby take me out to a nice dinner so I could enjoy my last glass or two of wine…Fingers crossed that it was my last glass of wine for a long long time.

And, the dreaded PIO injections start tonight. I am hoping that the anticipation is much worse than the actual injection. Here’s to hoping.


10 thoughts on “The FET Is a Go

  1. I am with you sister! I start mine tomorrow…. let me know how it goes tonight… and here is hoping to a successful FET for you 😉


      1. So the first one I did, didn’t feel at all, switched sides today and holy crap! It stung just like you said… not looking forward to tomorrows!


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