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How many embryos to transfer?


This is the big question that so many of us in the IVF world have to ask ourselves. How many embryos should we transfer? It’s not always a simple answer, and as my FET is approaching I need to hurry up and decide.

With our first transfer the decision was out of our hands as only one embryo was ready to be biopsied for CCS testing. It was up to that one embryo to lead us to the pregnancy that we desired, but unfortunately it didn’t work out that way.

Everyone around me seems to have an opinion as to what the right answer is. Some friends are adamant that we should transfer two, because they want to see us with twins. While, others have strong feelings that everyone should only transfer one as multiple pregnancies can be challenging. I really didn’t realize that so many people were so invested into how many embryos we should transfer and honestly, I wish I never brought it up with friends. This decision is such a personal one and sometimes it is better to keep the white noise out of my head.

There are so many factors to take into consideration when making such a large decision. There are age, embryo quality, clinic stats, and the ASRM guidelines to take into deliberation. In the end it is really up to the doctor rather or not he is comfortable transferring more than one embryo. I have spoken in-depth with my doctor about what the ultimate goal is for us and how he thinks we can get there. I know that some clinics will only transfer 1 if you are under the age of 35. And, as fertility practices become more common and updated that single embryo transferred are more commonly practiced among many clinics.

The other day I was browsing through articles and blogs trying to see what the opinion on the web is regarding single or multiple transfers for women in my situation. And, I was offended by some of the stuff I read. One article claimed that we just want a two for the price of one deal and that is why so many women are transferring more than one embryo. Say what…..I took offense to what was written as that has never crossed my mind. Yes, I have thought at times that twins would be great as I have worked for so long and hard to expand my family, but I don’t view them as a BOGO shopping deal at the local payless.

Another article that I stumbled across hit a the nail on the head, at least for me. It said that “we fear failing not to be pregnant more than we fear a twin pregnancy.” I can relate to this as I do fear not being able to keep another pregnancy more than I fear the hardships of what a twin pregnancy could bring.

I know that there are numerous risks when transferring two embryos as twin pregnancies are high risk and they can lead to various issues during the pregnancy. But, I also know that a singleton pregnancy can lead to just as many complications and can even lead to a premature birth just as a multiple pregnancy. I have a girlfriend who delivered her son at 34 weeks and he has been in the NICU for a while now; just as I know a few women who have had relatively easy twin pregnancies. Nothing is guaranteed in life. If I do decide to transfer two it can still lead to a singleton pregnancy. There are no guarantees or definite answers with infertility.

No matter what we decide to transfer tomorrow the outcome that I want is the same. I want to beat infertility and finally have the healthy pregnancy that I have dreamed of for almost three years.


11 thoughts on “How many embryos to transfer?

  1. You answered your own question sweetie.
    a) you shouldn’t ask anyone esp friends about this, its like asking how many taco’s do I eat for lunch. Definitely not that trivial and this as u say is a v v v v personal decision.
    b)How many ever u decide, I wish u good luck! Any pregnancy twin or single has its own set of complications and I wish you none of them and just a successful outcome!

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  2. It’s such a personal decision. Please forgive me if I’m not correct, but I seem to recall you achieved pregnancy from your fresh ivf transfer (your 1st ivf cycle?) and these are your frozen embryos from that same cycle. My gut would say that since you had the testing done and you have a pretty good idea of the quality, plus you were able to achieve pregnancy with your first embryo transfer… I’d give a single transfer a shot at least once before attempting more than one at a time – unless you really feel indifferent about the potential of twins. My guess is your potential is pretty good at having one stick. Good luck with your transfer, no matter what you decide. Xx


  3. I’m not even going to offer an opinion because the choice is such a personal one. For me, i took my directive from my doctor. I asked for his honest opinion and I went with it. There’s certainly no ‘right’ choice. No matter what you choose, Im sending you all the happy, sticky, wonderful vibes i can and I hope beyond hope that your time has finally come.

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  4. We are struggling with the same decision. So many opinions! We are waiting to see if the RE lets us have a say since I am under 35. Our dream is to have a happy healthy family…1 or 2 at a time is fine with us. There are risks with every decision we make so I think you need to go with your hearts. Good luck!


  5. I have absolutely no helpful advice, but I do have confidence that you will make the right decision for you and at the end of the day, that’s all that matters. I wish you peace of mind as you make this decision and I wish you the healthy pregnancy you are dreaming of!


  6. I have no experience in this I’m afraid but it sounds as though you’ve done your research so I’m sure you’ll make the right decision for you. I’m so hopeful for you, hoping for a smooth transfer and good news very soon xx


  7. Thinking of you tomorrow and good luck! You will know what is right for you! 🙂 We’ve always done 2, but never had genetic testing. Again, good luck!!!!


  8. With our FET, we transferred two and ended up with one baby. For us, the decision was easy. We only had 2 left and figured the risk of twins was exactly what you said above: worth the risk vs not getting pregnant. It also matter to us that we didn’t have to wait through 2 single transfers to do another fresh cycle if our embryos didn’t take. In the end, I am grateful to not have had the complications of a twin pregnancy. It’s one of those things you will always question and wonder about because we don’t know if a single transfer would have given us this baby or not. No point dwelling though. We are blessed beyond belief. Hope the decision comes easily to you as well


  9. Good luck!!! And I am sure you guys will make the best decision for the both of you 😉 Be lucky you even have that decision 🙂


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