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I am officially PUPO, again.

I am really starting to hate the word that defines the wait as we transition from not really being pregnant to officially being pregnant. We have to act as if we are pregnant and abide to the rules regarding food and physical activity, but we really don’t know if there is an embryo budding inside us.  I have been in this sorta limbo five times before and I find myself here again for the sixth time.

Sixth times the charm, right? I am praying so hard that it is.

The evening before my transfer I started to have some anxiety that we would arrive to the clinic and we wouldn’t have anything to transfer, as they didn’t thaw out properly. I started expressing my concerns to my hubby and he calmly reassured me that I was turning into a crazy lady. Which, I was and I still am. But, that’s what infertility does to us….or at least to me………it makes me think of every little thing that can go wrong and I obsess about it until my hubby steps in and tells me not so calmly this time that I am turning irrational.



In the end my hubby and I decided to transfer both of our remaining embryos.

After talking to our doctor about the state of our last two embryos we decided that it would be best to transfer them both as only one of them was a really strong  contender. The other embryo wasn’t looking as good and all three of us agreed this would be the best course. The embryologist did assure us that if they embryo wasn’t  viable they wouldn’t transfer it, but it just wasn’t looking as good as she would have hoped.

So, two little embies are hopefully getting comfy and settling in for the long haul.

The clinic I go to doesn’t give us pictures of the embryos right away, instead they give us a print out of the moment the embryos are transferred into the uterus. Later in the day the embryologist is supposed to email pictures of the embryos, but that didn’t happen for me. Nope! Instead there was a computer glitch and my pictures were lost. I am hoping that this is not a sign of what’s to come. Question….couldn’t the embryologist just have sent me a picture of any old embryo? I wouldn’t have known the difference!!

FullSizeRender (55)

At least I can say the transfer went smoothly and now I just wait.


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