What makes me happy

There is so much in my life that makes me happy and sometimes I lose track of my happiness.

I have my moments of sadness and frustration, but I also have many happy moments and experiences that I fail to focus on. I fail to remember what truly makes me happy.

The sense of loosing one’s happiness seems to be a common thing when struggling with infertility. I focus so much energy on what I don’t have, a baby, that I forget to focus on the good things. My life is full of moments and things that really do make me happy, but I loose track of that as most days are spent researching new doctors or waiting for my next steps. I get consumed in the battle of infertility and I don’t set aside time for the things that make me happy.

Not today.

Today I am choosing to focus on the things that do make me happy.

my family

my mom & me, my father & me, my two brothers & me.
my mom & me, my father & me, my two brothers & me.

It is because of these people that I am able to move forward each day. The amount of support and love they give me can’t be measured….it’s limitless. I can’t even put into words what these people mean to me and how they have helped me through this difficult journey and how they will continue to help me. This journey can feel so lonely and having the unconditional support of family makes me feel that I’m not always alone on this lonely island of infertility.

My SIL & me at christmas
My SIL & me at christmas

I also feel so blessed to have a sister-in-law that is so easy to talk to and so supportive. She is on the top of my list of people I share information with. It’s always a crap shoot when your brother gets married as you don’t know who they are bringing into your family. I count myself lucky that my brother found someone who is so easy to love. (fingers crossed that my younger brother someday brings in a SIL that is so easy to love as well.)

My two little nieces
My two little nieces

Spending time with these two little darlings is the highlight of my days.I don’t get to see them all the time, as they live 5 hours away, but I love the days we do spend together. I await the day I can finally give them a cousin to love.


Then there is old faithful, my hubby. There are hard days with this man and not everyday is filled with roses, but his love and support are unconditional. When I need him, he is there. When I need to laugh about all this crap we are going through, he is there to make me laugh. For that, I am grateful.

cbs news sunday morning


Sunday mornings were made for lounging on the couch with a cup of coffee and watching Sunday Morning on CBS. My mom turned me onto this show and now I am a faithful fan. From the soothing voice of the host to the informative and moving segments; it is the best way to spend your early Sunday mornings. I look forward to each episode and just in case I sleep in on a Sunday I DVR the show for when I finally do wake up.



I love spending time in the kitchen and cooking new recipes. It makes me content and fulfilled to try  out a new recipe or make something that i’ve made a thousand times before. I love being in my kitchen and thumbing through new and old cook books. All of my experiences in the kitchen are not always great and I learn from them. I have caught my oven on fire, burnt bread to0 many times to count, and made meals that even my dogs wouldn’t eat. But, hey…I’m learning. For that reason I love to also take cooking classes to improve my so-called culinary skills. I am lucky that my hubby doesn’t mind attending cooking classes either and together we have learned to cook pasta & risotto, sushi, paella, and much more.



If I am honest this a love-hate relationship. I love the way I feel after a yoga class, but finding the motivation to attend the class is hard for me. I know I will feel great after and I know that I like the flow of the poses, but getting my booty there is hard. I always try to find excuses why I can’t go, like parking sucks or I hate taking a shower after. However, it is worth it once the class is over. I feel re-energized and I feel that I am making my body as healthy as can be for baby making.

walking my dogs


Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make me happy and walking my dogs is one of those things.  I love getting outside and exercising my fur babies. There are mornings when I wake up and it’s hard to find my motivation to be happy, but after a walk around the block I feel refreshed and I can find reasons to be happy….i can find my motivation for the day. Plus, the fir babies love being outside.


There is nothing better than a good book. I love getting lost in the stories that come across the pages. I always try to make time to sit down and read at least a few chapters of a book.  In the last year I joined a book club that has introduced me to books that I normally wouldn’t read and to people that I normally wouldn’t have met. I also love to keep track of books that friends are reading through the app, Goodreads. It’s a great way to not only know what friends are reading, but to also keep track of what you have read.

I hope that all you ladies who are still struggling, like I am, are able to find your happiness.


20 thoughts on “What makes me happy

  1. LOVE this gratitude focused post – and great photos btw!!! You know, the more we talk about all that is good in our lives, the more we make it easier to get through the challenges. Talking about our struggles out loud is so huge – it’s hard, but it’s so helpful in knowing we’re not alone, even at our loneliest. The other day I happened to confide in my eye doctor of all people during my annual eye exam and guess what? She’s starting IVF herself this year – and was so relieved to be able to talk about her experience, challenges with doctors, etc. It’s kind of amazing how many of us are out there, not knowing that someone right in front of us could very well be (or have been in the past) dealing with this crapstorm called infertility.

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  2. Great post! This is exactly why I started a gratitude journal this year – I was too focused on my losses and what I didn’t have, and not focused enough on all the good things in my life. I think we all get in those ruts and this is a great way to try and get out! And I also have a love/hate relationship with yoga…. I have my next class Tuesday night and am already wondering if I want to go after work ! LOL. 🙂


  3. I love your list of things that make you happy. Many of your things are my things. I think hormones play such a HUGE role in our low days. So when we can, we should fight those silly hormones with focusing on things that make us happy. Thank you for the reminder.

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