Our attempt at an Oregon Coast getaway

The one thing that I have learned is that nothing ever goes according to plan. This applies not only to the infertility journey, but to life in general. For that reason I have never been a big planner. I prefer to have ideas of what I want to do or where I want to go, but I never get to0 concerned when the plans change. I’m learning that I am more about the journey rather than always just getting to the destination.

So,  I didn’t plan a thing when the hubby and I talked about getting away for a few days. All we knew was that we needed to get away and we didn’t really care where we went. We decided that a road trip along HWY 101 in Oregon would be the perfect getaway. The location was close, the price was cheap, and we could make it as short or long as we wanted.


We packed up the dogs and took off.

Our first stop was in my hometown, Gold Beach, down on the southern part of the coast. From there we would drive up the windy 101 stopping anywhere we desired.

On the first day of our drive my hubby received a text message from one of our friends who runs a non-profit organization, Reach Out World Wide. He wanted to know if the hubby would be able to take off and help with the disaster relief efforts in Fiji. It was Monday and he would need to leave Wednesday morning. He needed an answer within the hour. We decided that the hubby couldn’t say no and we decided to postpone our road trip and head back to Portland to get him packed for his new adventure to Fiji.

Luckily we were already on the road and decided to make the most of the day before we headed back to Portland. We spent the rest of the day driving up through Lincoln City stopping for lunch and a quick walk around the Oregon Coast Aquarium.










At the moment my hubby is still over in Fiji and should arrive home later this week. He and five other volunteers with Reach Out World Wide have been staying on the Island of Taveuni and driving to local villages to help those in need. Below are a couple of photos that my hubby was able to send me once he found some wifi.

Check out Reach Out World Wide, ROWW, to see the amazing things they do to help those who have been affected by natural disasters.





5 thoughts on “Our attempt at an Oregon Coast getaway

  1. That is really cool that your husband is in Fiji to help. I am headed up to the Oregon Coast this weekend (cannon beach I think) with my Mom, Aunt, and brother’s GF for a girls weekend. Its been about 13 years since I have been. I am so excited. Any recommendations for that area?


  2. Hats off for the efforts your husband doing for Fiji!. Oregon Coast is one of my favorite place to hang out during spring-summer. We really love it!. Hope you will get another chance soon to complete your plan. More sunny days are coming to Oregon, so don’t worry!:)


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