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Appointment with Dr.Kwak-Kim

 I did’t mean to take this long to update you all on my trip to Chicago or to stay off the blog world, but it happened. I would attempt to write and update, but just couldn’t seem to organize my thoughts.

Here is my attempt at organizing my thoughts and feelings on the appointment.

When I first made the decision to go forward with my appointment with Dr. Kwak-Kim I wasn’t really sure what to expect. My RE advised me against it as he doesn’t believe in the protocols that she may recommend, but in the end I decided that for my sanity I needed another opinion. So, I went into this appointment with hopes that she would be able to help my situation, but also with caution as I am beyond tired of getting my hopes up only to have them come crashing down.


Dr.Kwak-Kims clinic is located about 45 minutes outside of Chicago in a small strip like mall. My first impression was very unimpressed. After coming from IVF clinics where everything is impeccable and impressive this clinic was very unimpressive and small. The staff were friendly, but I honestly felt like I was at the local doctors office in my small hometown…not impressed.

My first appointment of the morning was a regular ultrasound and trans-vaginal ultrasound. Let me just warn you that having a tran-vaginal ultrasound for  30 minutes is not very pleasant. The tech was very informative and did talk to me about everything she was looking for and that did help the time pass a little better. She informed me that she was looking at blood vessels, my ovaries, and much more that I can’t remember.

After the ultrasounds I was ushered off into a small little room to collect vials upon vials of blood work. In all honesty the room was once again not impressive and was very small. The tech was very nice, but I didn’t get the impression of her being the best phlebotomist around.


After the ultrasounds and blood work I met with the nurse practitioner to go over my miscarriage history in detail. Ugh, I hate having to go over every detail and date as all it does is bring up unwanted emotions that I don’t want to express in the middle of a doctors office. Most of the things we talked about were the exact same things that I had to write down before I could even get an appointment, so it felt very repetitive.

Once I was finished with the nurse practitioner I went in for a thyroid ultrasound to make sure it looks normal. It did other than he could tell (somehow) that I do have a mild case of Hashimotos.

The last appointment of the morning was meeting with Dr. Kwak-Kim. We talked about the ultrasounds and what could be going on with my body. She believes that along with a mild case of Hashimotos that I also have mild PCOS. The ultrasounds revealed that I have more cysts than normal on my ovaries and it could explain why my A1C blood work has come back so inconsistent in the past. I honestly didn’t ask many questions in this appointment as I was thrown off with the PCOS diagnosis. Now that I’ve had time to think about it I do have questions and I look forward to my follow up call with Dr. K-K in the upcoming weeks.

So, for now I have been put on an Insulin Resistant Diet which is similar to the PCOS diet. I was told that while I may look small my BMI is toward the top of the range and I should make sure to get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. I have put IVF talk on hold for now as I am not sure what my next steps are and I don’t want to start anything until I have all of the blood work back. I feel a little relived that there could be underlying hormonal issues that have caused my miscarriages, but also confused as to why this wasn’t discovered before or if it’s something new.

Basically I now have more questions than answers.

While the trip was pretty short, I was able to get around for a day and explore Chicago with my mom who accompanied me on the trip.

Waiting for the Metro to take us into the city
Terra Cotta Warriors exhibit
My mom and me at the Field Museum
Cadillac Palace to watch a show
42nd Street, we scored last minute front row seats.


10 thoughts on “Appointment with Dr.Kwak-Kim

  1. Thanks for the update! I’m glad you have some potential answers. I’m so curious to see what the bloodwork reveals. I was shocked to read about your BMI being higher because you really are so tiny! I never in a million years would have guessed that.

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  2. Second, third..fourth…as many opinions as you can to get more answers is the best way to go and I’m glad you got more answers. I hope it helps you. Bottom line is, it ain’t over yet.


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