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IVF 2 Consult


Last week the hubby and I found ourselves back on a couch at ORM talking about getting started with IVF, again.

It felt strange and disheartening to be back on the white couches again. To be sitting across from my seventh doctor talking about my chances of having a child through IVF.

This time around I met with Dr. Hesla at ORM to get his opinion on my situation.  The appointment went as well as expected as we talked about my recurrent miscarriage history, what we could do differently, and the approach that Dr.Kwak-Kim recommended.

 Dr.Hesla doesn’t fully believe in all of the treatments that Dr. Kwak-Kim recommended, but he does support me if I wanted to go forward with all of them. He is on board with adding prednisone & lovenox to the mix once we get pregnant,  but he is not fully on board with the IVIG treatment. His main concern is that there aren’t enough studies proving its effectiveness and that most insurances don’t cover the expense, so it can be very expensive. Unfortunately, my insurance doesn’t cover the treatment and it will be very expensive. In the end the decision will be mine if I want to go forward with IVIG, but I still haven’t decided what I would like to do.

We also spoke about my chances of having a successful pregnancy and what options we would have if we had another failed transfer. This is where the conversation took a turn from being optimistic about the future to realizing what the future may really look like. We spoke about my options if another transfer wasn’t successful and it seems bleak. One of the main reasons the hubby and I wanted to move forward with IVF was to bank embryos for the future. That way if a transfer didn’t work we could start moving forward with surrogacy.

However, Dr.Hesla warned us that since we really don’t know what is causing the miscarriages that it is hard to figure out the next steps for us. The idea of paying so much money OOP for surrogacy and not knowing if it will work is very scary. The idea of going foward with another round of IVF is very scar. The idea of having another failed pregnancy is also super scary.  I wish that I could have full confidence that another round of IVF is what we need, but I can’t. Unexplained Infertility is a cruel joke and it leaves the doctors and myself in the dark when it comes to making the best decisions for starting a family.

So, with all that being said we left the meeting still filled with hope that another round of IVF will be it for us.

IVF round 2 will start sometime in August.

It was a nice hiatus of no lab work, but now I’m back on the needle train.


12 thoughts on “IVF 2 Consult

  1. My thoughts are with you! We plan on doing another retrieval and transfer in November and then PGS testing and a freeze-all on the rest. We are also going to move forward with prednisone and lovenox on the fresh transfer to see what happens. We are also hoping a few embryos will come back PGS normal so we can either try transferring again, or doing surrogacy. Are you guys going to do genetic testing again this time around? Or since they all came back normal last time, are you going to forego that? Good luck to you guys!!! I REALLY want this next round to work for you!!!

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  2. Stephanie, You look beautiful, happy and confident!. I am so happy about it :). IVF with Kwak-Kim’s protocol is kind of overwhelming, but I am sure this is your time. If you are not taking IVIG, the protocol itself is really manageable with IVF. Great that Dr.Hesla agreed to work with Dr.Kwak-Kim’s protocol. We got her name from him, even though he did not believe in IVIG and other few items of protocol. As you know, I had 2 chemical pregnancies and 4 miscarriages at 6-8 weeks(Unexplained, as genetic testings came back normal). Now, with Dr.Kwak-Kim’s protocol I am 17 weeks pregnant today :). I don’t know which medicine worked, but we know something worked. It can be Lovenox, IVIG or Prednisone. All the best for your journey, and I am sure it is gonna work for you too. :). Prayers from the bottom of my heart!! XO. Email me if you need anything.

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  3. Wishing you success on this cycle! If you feel uncomfortable with IVIG, have you considered Intralipids instead? It also modulates the immune system. Could be an alternative (and it’s so much cheaper).


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