My Journey

8/2008 – Met a handsome Marine while at 80’s night with friends


11/2010 – Married that handsome Marine

4/2013 – Began our TTC journey

10/2013 – First positive pregnancy test

11/2013- Blighted Ovum. Tried to wait it out and have a natural miscarriage, but didn’t happen. Took Mistoprostol. Miscarriage #1

2/2014 – Positive pregnancy test

3/2014 –  5 week ultrasound was great, but told I have a bicornuate uterus and that keeping a pregnancy may be challenging. Major tears. (Later found out the I have a slight septum, but not bicornuate) Follow up ultrasound at 7 weeks showed no growth past 6 1/2 weeks. Miscarriage #2. Miscarriage didn’t happened naturally. Took Mistoprostol. Doctor encouraged me to keep trying, that likelihood of having another miscarriage is very low.

5/2014 – Positive pregnancy test, again.

6/2014 – 6 weeks, heart rate detected, but very low. Follow up ultrasound revealed that it stopped growing at 6 1/2 weeks. Miscarriage happened naturally. Miscarriage #3. Doctor encouraged me that it probably won’t happen again and didn’t see the need to run tests. Time to find a new doctor.

Summer 2014 – Took a break while HCG levels took a while to get under 3.

Fall 2014 – Met with three different RE’s to discuss my situation and find out next steps. Decided to go with Dr. B at Oregon Reproductive Medicine.  Encouraged to pursue IVF with CCS due to unexplained infertility.

10/2015 – Hypothyroidism detected, put on medication to level out TSH.

10/2015 – MRI to see if bicornuate  uterus…Not detected, just slight septum.

1/2015 – Positive pregnancy test. Following week cramping and bleeding landed me in the ER before I could get an ultrasound. Miscarriage #4.

2/2015 – Supposed to start IVF, but was postponed due to polyps.

3/2015 – Polypectomy scheduled and performed.

4/2015 – Began Stims for IVF. Good Responder Protocol.

IVF #1
7 eggs retrieved * 5 fertilized * 1 day 5 blastocysts sent off for CCS biopsy * 2 day 6 blastocysts sent off for CCS biopsy * 3 embryos normal.

5/2015 – Transferred 1, 5 day blastocyst

6/2015 – First healthy heartbeat detected at 6W3D. Follow up ultrasound at 7W showed no growth since 6W5D and no heartbeat detected. D&C Performed. Miscarriage #5. Sent tissue out for testing and came back with normal chromosomes.

Summer 2015 – Waiting for HCG levels to drop to below 0 and for two normal periods to occur.

10/2015 – FET protocol started.

11/2015 – FET #1. Two little 6 day frosties transferred.

11/2015 – BFP – abnormal Beta levels. Rising, then decreasing, then rising again. 5 week ultrasound scheduled to rule out ectopic. 1 perfect yok sack and fetal pole detected.

12/2015 – Normal HB detected at 6.5 week ultrasound. Two sacs detected, but only one HB could be heard. Continued PIO shots. 8.5 week ultrasound no HB detected & no growth since 7.5 weeks. Miscarriage happened naturally one week after PIO was stopped. Miscarriage # 6.



13 thoughts on “My Journey

  1. I just read your story and my heart breaks for you: I didn’t realize what a terrible past few years you’ve had. This journey has been so unfair toward you. I truly hope you get an explanation soon.


  2. Thinking and praying for you. I am on IVF #5 we have also been diagnosed with unexplained infertility which I have now found out is only a working diagnosis. We just did PGS testing for the first time on IVF #4 in Colorado. IVF #5 will also be PGS tested. Good luck and know you are not alone in this. 🙏🏻💕💋

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  3. I’m feeling rather emotional today, so please excuse my ridiculousness, but I found your blog and have been reading through it, and my heart goes out to you. I am in a similar boat. I’ve had three unexplained miscarriages (from conventional pregnancies) and now I am trying my first cycle of IVF, and I fear that I will just be met with more disappointment. I try daily to stay positive, but, as I am sure you know, it gets difficult. There are good days and bad. (Today being one of the latter, I suppose.) But, I wanted to commend you for your strength and thank you for sharing your story. I’m new to the TTC/IVF Internet community, but I am already loving all the insight and support I’ve been receiving. You women are warriors, for sure. If you ever want to collaborate or connect, I blog at and my email is Thanks again for putting your words of wisdom out there!



    1. First off, you are far from ridiculous. 🙂 Welcome to the community and so sorry that you have to be a part of the infertility & RPL club, it’t not a place anyone wants to be. I’m glad that some of my words can help you…I just figured it’s easier to talk to complete strangers than with friends and I am so glad that I started blogging…it helps a lot. I hope that you have lots of luck with your IVF cycle! Heading over to check out your blog now. xo

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  4. my heart was breaking for you as I read through your journey. loss after loss is just heartbreaking. I can imagine it must have been so difficult getting BFP but then the extremely anxious waiting for hcg levels and ultrasounds. I have had 5 embryo transfer attempts, 3 egg collections, and 2 ectopic pregnancies. The waiting game of abnormal HCG levels, bleeding and waiting for scans and doctor appointments, it was hard really hard. I really wish you all the very best. xx


  5. I’m so sorry this is happening to you. Really hope it all turns around for you. Infertility sucks so much. Thanks for sharing your story. Prayers to you xx


  6. You have been through a lot for sure but I am looking forward to reading through your posts and getting to now more about you. Miscarriage is something I haven’t had to experience on this journey and my heart hurts for you. Keep your head up, the future is so unpredictable it may surprise you.


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