It’s time I recorded all the awkwardness that goes along with infertility struggles.


When the doctor first told my husband and me that we should do IVF and started to explain the procedure our conversation went a little something like this:

Me: “Do I have to use my husbands sperm”? (Obvi, I was kidding)

Doctor: “That is between you and your husband”.

Husband: “Do you think we could use Tom Bradys”.

Me: “That would be ideal”!


While getting my blood drawn for the up-teenth time, the phlebotomist decided to have a conversation with me:

P: “So are you pregnant”

Me: “No”

P: “Are you part of the stouts from around here? You must have just seen their new baby and got baby fever.”

Me: “Nope, don’t know them. I’m doing these blood draws trying to get pregnant”

P: “Oh, well you’re so young. Once you stop trying that’s when it just seems to happen”

Me: “Thanks” (What I wanted to say…F Off)


At a football game tailgate with friends who don’t know my fertility struggles

Friend: “When are you going to finally have a baby, it’s about that time”

Me: “Oh, yah, we’re working on it”

Friend: “Yah, you know you should do blah blah blah, That’s how its worked for everyone else”.

Me: “Ok, ill work on that”.


At a friends bridal shower.

Friend: “When are you guys going to have kids, you don’t really like them do you?”

Me: “Umm, yah, I love kids. No rush”


At the doctors office when I found out the first pregnancy was not viable.

Doctor: Explaining to me the options if miscarriage doesn’t happen naturally.

Me: “Can I just go home and chug a bottle of wine, will that make it happen quicker”.

Doctor: No response, just a blank stare.


Waitress in my hometown: You look wonderful for a pregnant lady.

Me: Umm, nope, not pregnant, just chubby and wearing a baggy sweatshirt.

Waitress in my hometown: You’re not pregnant? I swear someone said you were.

Me: Nope, definitely not pregnant.

Waitress in my hometown: OMG, so sorry. Oh, it must be so and so I am thinking off. So sorry.

Me: That’s ok, I get confused with her a lot. (complete lie as she is from Mexico and looks nothing like me)Β I guess I’ll start my new years resolution to loose weight now!

10 thoughts on “Akward

    1. Thanks for reading. I can definitely be awkward at moments and try to find humor in all these crappy situations that come my way. Luckily my hubby gets my sense of humor and is right there with me. πŸ™‚ As if struggling with fertility isn’t bad enough, we have to find our selves in these awkward convos.

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  1. People think they are helping when they say things about stop trying and it will just happen but they have no idea. Two months after a chemical pregnancy I sucked it up and went to my cousins baby shower because I lover her, and one of my Aunts says to me “you can’t have kids can you”… Like really #1 why would you say that to me #2 why would you bring it up at “a baby shower”… Gotta love people. Hang in there. πŸ˜€


  2. i’m all over these! “take a vacation / relax” seems to be the classic” but i’m especially wanting to slap the “never give up” crowd who seems to look down upon you if you decide you might just want to stop trying, and they’re often people who have had successful ivf!!! as if somehow they are now reproductive geniuses for all women! ugh. we are doing both de-ivf and international adoption (hedge our bets, at least one of them has got to work out in the coming year!!!) so we also get the stupid ass comments about adoption. ah well, i suppose it’s just preparation for those dumbasses who touch your belly without asking once you are pregnant and the jerks who ask about your adopted child’s “real mother”. they’re going to lovvvvve my responses when the time comes!

    BTW if you don’t already follow her, there are great funny awkward stories at https://countyourselfunlucky.wordpress.com/2015/12/07/ivf-bloopers/ – and check out the comments as well πŸ™‚

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  3. this post is PERFECT! made me giggle!
    my IVF awkward situation:
    I had an ectopic pregnancy in December, and post op I was taken to the ‘Womens Unit’ which is the maternity ward with some gynae patients. (small hospital). I was in a private room and already upset enough hearing the babies crying around me and the phone in my room rings.
    ‘Her- Hey! are you sleeping?
    me- no (thinking who is this- maybe one of my friends or co-workers – I’m a nurse at that hospital)
    Her- Are you eating dinner?
    Me- no…
    Her- have you got visitors?
    Me- umm no… who is this?
    Her- Is this Julie?
    Me- no, its kim
    Her- oh I’m so sorry my daughter Julie was in that room today she must have got discharged earlier today, oh she will be so pleased she got to go home! sorry to bother you, I hope I didn’t wake you or your baby! Well you enjoy your little baby! Bye.
    me- ….. (thinking do I say oh no actually I just lost my baby… but instead I just said…… Thanks, bye. cue tears flowing down my face!!

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