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Getting Throught The TWW

In the past almost three years I have been through a many Two Week Waits. I have awaited to find out if in fact I am pregnant and I have awaited the dreaded first ultrasound. The two-week wait can feel like torture and can be hard to navigate when all you want is for the days to fly by. Or, all you want to do is hide under the covers until the day that you are awaiting.

Here are some of the ways that I have gotten through the many two-week waits in my life.

My tips on getting through the TWW

stay off the internet

You can drive yourself insane if you google every little symptom that you think you are feeling. It is just better to wait it out and see if in fact you are experiencing early signs of pregnancy or if it’s just the progesterone flowing through your body. (Progesterone is a tricky little bugger than makes you feel preggers even before the transfer has happened) One google thread will tell you one thing and the next one will contradict everything you just read. This also goes for social media…do you really want to see another pregnancy announcement during this time? Not only do I not want to see one I don’t think my emotions can handle it. So, just stay away from the internet as long as you can.

write it down

Somedays the emotions are too hard to explain in words out loud, and in reality most people don’t really know what to say back when we express ourselves. They just can’t really understand the roller coaster ride that is infertility. So, write it down in a journal, that way you are able to express the anger, hope, or stress you are feeling and not be judged.

Distract yo self

For me this is the most important. I need to find ways to distract my body and mind during this time. I can either get lost in a book, find a new hobby, or binge watch my favorite Netflix show. (ok, jk on the hobby front. I usually just end up spending lots of $$ at Michael’s and then never get around to the actual craft) It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it takes your mind off how slowly the days are dragging by.

walk it out

There is nothing more refreshing than getting outside and taking a long walk. While in the tww I try to log a lot of miles on foot as I am not spending my days in the gym. Walking it out is a great way to clear your head, get some fresh air, and plus my pups love the extra exercise.

Feel what you want to feel

It is ok to feel whatever emotions come your way. There are days you may be overly emotional because of the hormones pumping through your body and other days you may just be pissed at the world. And, that’s ok. Let the emotions out and don’t bottle them up inside. Just explain to your hubby that he may need to hunker down, because he is on this crazy train with you rather he likes it or not.

Protect yo self

Remember that you may not get the results you had hoped and dreamed for. We don’t always get our BFP or have a good ultrasound and that is why we are stuck in this dreaded cycle of infertility. Make sure that when you do get your beta results or go to your first ultrasound that you don’t have plans to be surrounded by all your friends who are preggers or are stuck at a work dinner. Make a plan of how you want to spend the day awaiting your beta/ultrasound and what you want to do after if it doesn’t go your way.

Surround yourself with love

Make sure that during this precious time that you are surrounded by love and support. Make plans with a close friend to go out for some tea. Set a few date nights with your hubby or stay in and make some new recipes. Whatever it is, make sure that you are surrounded with lots of support and love.

Find the humor

There is nothing funny about the struggle we go through with  infertility, but it’s also important to not lose your sense of humor. Rent funny movies where you can just let go and laugh. Try to find something to laugh about with this horrible situation we all find ourselves in. My hubby and I are usually able to find something inappropriate to laugh at and that helps ease my anxiety during the tww.


14 thoughts on “Getting Throught The TWW

  1. Great tips! I would also like to add, audiobooks. Whether you listen to them walking or cleaning or just laying back in a comfy spot. I find it very calming and it quiets my anxious mind.


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