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It’s here…MY BFP



It’s official, my little embie is getting comfortable and sticking around.

I waited to POAS until the morning of my beta. I was tempted to try it before hand; but didn’t want the disappointment of a negative test and so I waited. I also happened to be in my small hometown while I waited and couldn’t bring myself to go out and buy a pregnancy test. It would have been all the gossip if I was spotted buying a test and I am still not ready to discuss my fertility issues with the world.

My hubby and I are beyond excited that things could finally be going our way. We are also cautiously optimistic, because we have been through this before. We are just guarded and ready for these next two weeks to fly by. During our third pregnancy we took off and did a 10 day Alaskan cruise before our second ultrasound, because we wanted to distract ourselves while we waited. I so desperately want to do something like that again, but the hubby is slammed at work and can’t get away. So I will be finding ways to keep myself busy for the next two weeks.

We opted to only tell my parents that we were doing a fresh transfer as we wanted to experience whatever happened ourselves. I decided that if the fresh didn’t work I would need a few days or so to go through my feelings and then I would share our disappointment. Or, if it did work, I wanted to be able to surprise my close friends and family with a confirmed pregnancy around 9 weeks. I feel bad for lying to my close friends and family, especially since they have supported me unconditionally for the past two years, but I am not ready. 

I feel confident that this is going to work. The fact that my embie is an embryo that passed PGS testing puts me at ease. I was told that chromosome issues were my problem and so I am having faith that I have nothing to worry or stress about (that will come later). I am just ready for whats next and to enjoy every step of this pregnancy.


39 thoughts on “It’s here…MY BFP

  1. Congratulations! I am rooting for u! Im so glad u have a positive outlook as I know personally how hard it can be even with that BFP. Take it easy & relax. U are pregnant & thats all that matters right now in this moment!


  2. I don’t know how…but I totally missed this post and had to come back and find it when I read “I’ve been here before”! Congratulations!!! Stick around little embie, stick around!!!!


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